1GB20GB SSD1 Core1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $4.50 UNAVAILABLE
2GB40GB SSD2 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $7.50 UNAVAILABLE
4GB80GB SSD4 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $14.00 UNAVAILABLE
6GB120GB SSD4 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $21.50 UNAVAILABLE
8GB150GB SSD4 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $28.00 UNAVAILABLE
12GB200GB SSD6 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $42.00 UNAVAILABLE
16GB300GB SSD6 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $56.00 UNAVAILABLE
32GB600GB SSD8 Cores1Unmetered @ 1GbpsAmsterdam, Netherlands $102.00 UNAVAILABLE

Clouveo Cloud Servers

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Premium Cloud Control Panel

Included in our range of Cloud Servers, our cloud control panel provides you with the tools to easily manage and overview your server!

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AMD EPYC Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Servers feature latest generation AMD EPYC processors with speeds of 3GHz+, backed by a redundant RAID 10 SSD storage array for maximum performance.

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Superfast deployment

Ready to launch your server? All of our servers are deployed within seconds after ordering and confirmed payment.

Cloud Servers
Cloud Features

Cloud Features

Our Cloud Servers feature DDoS Protection as standard across all locations; ensuring peace of mind and maximum uptime.

Quickly take a snapshot of your server in its current state to act as a restore point, included as standard with all Cloud Servers.
Automated backups are available as an additional option for ensuring peace of mind; Clouveo will automatically take backups daily and store them in a remote, offsite location.
Easily install a variety of applications, scripts and software on your Cloud Server in just one click while reinstalling your Operating System, or at any time after!
We offer a variety of standard templates to install from including Operating Systems from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows. If these don't fit your needs, upload your own Custom ISO and install!

Common FAQs

Our standard range of Cloud Servers run on latest generation AMD EPYC 7302P CPUs with DDR4 ECC RAM and at least 6 SSD drives in a redundant RAID 10 array, offering high reliability, redundancy and performance.

We accept payments via Debit/Credit Card, PayPal and a variety of crypto-currency via Coinify. When paying via card or PayPal its possible to setup your account to have invoices paid automatically in the future.
Unfortunately we do not offer a free trial at this time; we do however offer a no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee, entitling you to a full refund within the first 14 days of ordering your service.
Our Cloud Servers use KVM virtualization and therefore its possible to run a whole variety of different operating systems. For the list of standard operating systems click here. You can also upload a custom ISO within the control panel.
Clouveo do not charge VAT to any of our customers at this time.

All Cloud Servers include 1 IPv4 Address as standard, a block of IPv6 is also included as standard with all Cloud Servers.

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Yes, you can upgrade your package in the future at any time - no questions asked, it is however not possible to downgrade your package.
Yes, we have LookingGlass setup in each of our locations for you to test to your hearts content. Click the relevant location below to be taken to the LookingGlass page.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
All packages are unmanaged. We provide 24x7 support for issues within our control: Network, Hardware and Cloud Control Panel. We are considering offering a fully managed addon in the future.