What is your SLA?

The services in which Clouveo provides are backed by a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, provisioned under this Service Level Agreement (SLA) - We aim for 100% uptime, with a guarantee being provided for a minimum of 99.9% uptime calculated across the period of 1 month; therefore we guarantee at least 99.9% uptime per calendar month. The SLA credit is calculated based upon uptime as per our public status reports available publicly here. In the event of downtime, the Clouveo Billing Department will review on a case by case basis to provide SLA credit, customers are required to contact our Billing Department at the end of the calender month in which downtime is experienced. SLA credit may be issued in client credit balance or in the form of an extension of due date to the service based on the SLA calculation below.

SLA Calculation

  • 99.9% and above: 0% SLA Credit
  • 99.5%: 5% SLA Credit
  • 99.0%: 10% SLA Credit
  • 98%: 20% SLA Credit
  • 97%: 30% SLA Credit
  • 96%: 40% SLA Credit
  • 95%: 50% SLA Credit
  • Below 90% uptime: 100% SLA Credit


  • Circumstances beyond Clouveos reasonable control including, but not limited to: Natural disasters, acts of war, acts of a government body or sabotage, including distributed attacks against our services and provisions.
  • Peering/connectivity issues; Clouveo maintain network redundancy, however availability by limited capacity is not covered by this SLA.
  • Scheduled maintenance assuming at least 24 hours notice, or emergency maintenance in the event of critical issues not including hardware failure.
  • Distributed attacks, hacking attempts or other forms of network floods arising from third party individuals.

The Clouveo SLA is applicable for whole server/node downtime only and not the downtime of individual services due to issues within those services themselves (ie, inaccessibility of a website due to hitting resource limitations or software errors), or ie (inaccessibility of a Cloud Server due to mismanaged or misconfiguration of firewalls or services). All services provisioned are unmanaged unless explicitly stated otherwise, the SLA credit is therefore only applicable in the event of the uptime guarantee not being met in the case of availability of underlying systems, servers and hostnodes. Clouveo accept no responsibility for loss of earnings, income or other damages caused by inaccessibility and provide credit in line with our SLA.


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